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We’ve been in the metal finishing services industry since 1988, proving companies with reliable expertise and speedy delivery on their projects — no matter the size of the order. From Milwaukee to Eau Claire and in-between, our team can provide high-quality metal finishing services for Wisconsin businesses, whether they know exactly what they need or could use support from our experts. With our warehouse and team of professionals, we can provide high-quality services for a variety of different finishes in a timely manner.


Our full line of WI metal finishing services include:

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Eaglemaster is one of the finest examples of what customer service should be, they have always gone the proverbial extra mile to help with our needs.
-Wrico Stamping, Ron K.


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Not sure what metal finishing services your parts, process or project may need? Our team can help you understand what metal finishing services your project requires. Take advantage of our large warehouse and metal finishing expertise to complete your high-volume or quick-deadline projects on time and to the highest standards. Create the ideal finishing solutions for your parts and projects today — let’s get started!

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