​​Bead Blasting Services in Minnesota

Our bead & grit blasting services offer Minnesota businesses trusted processes for finishing, cleaning or preparing their metal and plastic parts.


Customizable Bead Blasting Services for a Range of Applications


Bead & Grit Blasting are an ideal solution for:

  • Cleaning the surface of parts to remove rust, corrosion and damage
  • Metal Descaling
  • Texturing and profiling for paint adhesion
  • Texturing for mechanical function (to specific micro-finish ranges)
  • Producing a uniform cosmetic appearance
  • Preparing parts for plating, coating, anodizing, etc.
  • Blending tool mark or other surface imperfections


How the Process Works:

Blasting removes surface debris such as rust, tool marks, damage, scale and other types of residual contaminants. This process is also important in the cleaning and roughing of part surfaces prior to coating, painting or plating. The increased surface adhesion of a suitably-blasted part results in a stronger bond between the coating and the part’s surface. Abrasive blasting is also used to achieve a random particulate finish in order to blend tool marks or other surface imperfections and provide a uniform surface finish.

Our bead blasting process for Minnesota clients can be done using a variety of media to achieve the right cosmetic blasting look or to fix difficult damage and scale build up on your parts.

Bead & Grit Blasting Media for every application

Some of the most common types of abrasive blasting media include glass bead, ceramic and aluminum oxide.

Glass Bead:
A spherical shot that results in a soft, bright finish and is excellent for cosmetic blasting and light deburring applications.

Aluminum Oxide:
Grit blasting media that is very abrasive. It is used for precision blasting on some of the hardest metals and surfaces. Aluminum oxide can also be used for tough cleaning operations or when a sharp surface profile is required.

Other Options:
Our different media come in various sizes that can be matched to fit the application. Other types of metallic, synthetic, and mineral blasting media are available depending on customer needs.

How To Get Started:

Eaglemaster has a wide variety of blasting machines, each of which is dedicated to specific types of media to shorten setup times and avoid contamination. But, if you’ve got a unique bead or grit blasting need, our Minnesota team can provide special setups upon request.

Call today or contact us if you’re interested in our blasting or metal descaling services for your Minneapolis or other Minnesota or Wisconsin-area business.

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