Industrial Metal Polishing Service in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Mechanical metal polishing uses polishing media in vibratory or centrifugal force machines to achieve highly cosmetic surface finishes.


Mechanical Metal Polishing


Industrial Metal Polishing Services Are Ideal For the Following Applications:

  • Components requiring a highly cosmetic appearance
  • Applications requiring smooth surfaces
  • Jewelry and other decorative applications
  • Hardware parts and materials
  • Medical components

How the Process Works:

Our industrial metal polishing projects in MN are typically done in a multi-step process that provides a uniform surface finish. Our process sends your industrial materials through stages of abrasive processing via mass finishing methods. Next, your materials go through a polishing stage that brightens and shines the surface of parts, resulting in a reflective finish.

How to Get Started with Industrial Metal Polishing

We offer several machines and methods for mechanical metal polishing at our Minnesota headquarters, located near Minneapolis—all to engineer the ideal metal finishes for our customers. Along with our other metal-finishing services, our team can develop a complete solution for your company’s needs. From start to completion, our metal polishing services are bound to satisfy the needs of all our customers.
Contact our industrial metal polishing experts in Minnesota today to get a quote and get started!

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