Abrasive Blasting Services in Minneapolis

Abrasive blast finishing uses grit, plastic, glass or ceramic beads, or other similar materials to clean, deburr, deflash, descale or increase the surface texture of parts. 


Abrasive Blasting in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Abrasive blast finishing services, also known as sandblasting, are ideal when you have components that need cleaned, deburred, deflashed, descaled or to increase surface texture for adhesion. In the Minneapolis area, Eaglemaster’s abrasive blasting services cover a multitude of processes ranging from glass bead blasting to shot blasting, grit blasting, plastic bead blasting, ceramic bead blasting, and more. Contact our team or request a quote to get your finishing job started.


How Abrasive Blasting Works

Eaglemaster will help you choose the right abrasive blasting services for your project. Our Minneapolis team can engineer a process that works for you, whether your project is high volume or low volume. Jobs can be processed in batches or individually depending on the required finish. Whether it is a glass bead blast, shot blast or a steel grit blast, we can engineer a solution for your blasting needs.

Materials Used For Our Abrasive Blasting Services

The materials and machines used in blast finishing vary greatly depending on the material being blasted and the desired results. For example, glass beads are a common type of blasting media that comes in many sizes. Glass bead blasting tends to leave a satin-like finish that skews toward a white metal finish subject to the material being blasted. Grit blasting, which also comes in many sizes and materials, is used for more aggressive applications where cleaning is more difficult, such as removing heavy mill scale or cleaning paint. Grit blasting is also used to add texture to material to increase adhesion of paint or other coatings. Other types of abrasive blasting include:

  • Tumble Blasting: This is a batch blasting method used to process large quantities of small components.
  • Fixture Blasting: This is a blasting method used to process delicate components that need to be handled one at a time.


Our Minnesota-based abrasive blasting professionals can process your parts in batches or individually depending on the application and handling factors. Eaglemaster has a wide variety of blasting equipment ranging from batch blasting applications that run small, medium and large volumes of parts to precision blasting equipment that handles small volumes of parts and single pieces at a time to ensure quality.

Our Precision Abrasive Blasting Services Are Ideal for the Following Applications:

  • Cleaning the surface of parts to remove rust, corrosion and scale
  • Descaling
  • De-flashing die castings
  • Deburring
  • Texturing/profiling parts for adhesion
  • Texturing for a mechanical function
  • Producing a uniform cosmetic finish
  • Texturing to specific micro-finish ranges
  • Blending tool mark or other surface imperfections
  • Producing a uniform cosmetic appearance
  • Preparing parts for plating, coating, anodizing

How To Get Started

Do you have questions about which abrasive blasting media will be best suited for your parts? The experts at Eaglemaster have the experience and know-how you need to get the perfect surface finish on your components with our abrasive blasting services.

We offer our abrasive blasting services to businesses in the Twin Cities and the greater areas of both Minnesota and Wisconsin. Reach out with any questions you may have or request a quote today.