Centrifugal Barrel Finishing / Harperizing

Centrifugal barrel finishing, or harperizing, is a high-energy process that uses G forces to finish parts.


Centrifugal Barrel Finishing, Harperizing & High-Energy Finishing Services In MN

Our Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Services in MN are idea for the following applications:

  • High-value parts and components
  • Parts with low micro-finish requirements
  • Parts that require aggressive edge radiuses and material removal
  • Mechanical parts needing a highly cosmetic appearance
  • Ability to compartmentalize to avoid part impingement

How the Process Works:

Centrifugal barrel finishing will deburr or polish parts in a much shorter period of time than conventional tumbling and vibratory finishing. Our harperizing services in Minnesota and Wisconsin are capable of achieving very high cosmetic appearances, as well as very smooth surfaces. Our high-energy finishing and processing services allow our clients to address finishing challenges that standard vibratory machines are unable to perform.

How to Get Started

If you are interested in centrifugal barrel finishing or harperizing services, our Minneapolis, MN location is ready to help. We have all-in-one metal finishing services to support your manufacturing needs. Contact us today to get a quote.

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