Eaglemaster FAQ

What is shot peening?
The shot peening process takes a spherical media called a “shot” and propels it at the surface of a component in a cold-working process to impart compressive stresses and increase fatigue life. Shot peening is generally linked with an industry specification, which may detail additional process information. Eaglemaster can also develop a custom shot peen specification if needed.


What is batch blasting?
Batch blasting is a finishing process that cleans or prepares metals and plastics using a variety of media in a blasting machine. It can also be used to achieve desired surface finishes, including cosmetic finishes. Batch blasting is often used with medium-to-high volume jobs.


What is fixture blasting?
Fixture blasting is a process tailored to medium-to-low volume jobs that focuses on precision. This process often involves masking threads, bores or other features that may need protection from blasting due to tight dimensional tolerances.


What is vibratory tumbling/deburring?
The vibratory tumbling and deburring process uses a machine with vibratory action to remove sharp edges or burrs and smooth the surface of metal components.


What is mechanical polishing?
Mechanical polishing is the process of using vibratory or centrifugal force machines to achieve high-quality cosmetic finishes on a range of polishing medias.


What kind of materials does Eaglemaster work with?
Eaglemaster can work with carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass and some plastics.


Can I protect certain features on my metal component during the finishing process?
Yes. Eaglemaster provides a wide variety of masking and fixturing services, so we can ensure that your product is protected throughout the finishing process.


What is the largest part Eaglemaster can process?
Eaglemaster can blast products up to approximately 44”. The largest part Eaglemaster can deburr is approximately 24”.


My project needs a specific surface value; can Eaglemaster help?
Yes. Some projects may require a specific surface finish that makes the surface of a part rougher or smoother than its incoming condition. This surface texture is often measured in microinches or micrometers and can be achieved with certain blasting, mechanical polishing or vibratory processes. Whatever your specific surface value needs, Eaglemaster can help you create the perfect finished product. Give us a call to discuss your project.


What is the average turnaround time for jobs?
Average turnaround time for most jobs is 5 to 14 business days.


Does Eaglemaster offer pickup and delivery?
Yes. Eaglemaster has a truck that makes local deliveries to Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the surrounding metro areas.

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