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At Eaglemaster, we provide vibratory deburr/deflash, batch blasting and other metal finishing for OEM manufacturers in Minneapolis. Our services consistently exceed expectations and ensure you will always meet the demands you face. Whether you’re a casting company looking for deburring or blasting, a stamping house looking for edge radius, or a machine shop looking for surface preparation work, Eaglemaster has the solutions you need.
Our team is comprised of experts who understand the demands set for your industry, specifically for large-volume projects that are cost-effective with a fast turnaround. All of our services are available for any project you need, from table blasting to high-volume castings for vibratory deburring. Some of our most common projects include:

  • Deburr to remove burrs and edge break to deal with sharp edges
  • Batch blasting to prepare parts for painting, plating or anodizing
  • Blending and removing machine lines for aesthetically pleasing finishes for parts


Eaglemaster has many long years of experience when it comes to finishing OEM manufacturing parts. Put our expertise to work for you and ensure your components receive the top-quality surface finishing they need — with quick turnaround times and fair pricing. Contact us to find out more or request a quote today.

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