Metal Finishing Services for Military Equipment In Minneapolis, MN


Eaglemaster proudly offers the military-grade metal finishing services your business requires, regardless of the size or scope of the project. Our team fully comprehends the rigorous specifications required by the military industry for each operation, as well as the importance of making each project both high quality and affordable. Our flexible processes and expertise mean we can handle your job — whether you need 10 pieces or 1 million.
We have both the ability and the understanding to fulfill your project requirements from simple specifications like grit blasting with no masking to complex operations such as deburring, masking and blast receivers. Some of our Minneapolis-based company’s specific metal finishing services for military equipment projects have included:

  • Grit or bead blasting various small gun components to prepare for Military grade plating or coating
  • Masking bores and threads on lower receivers followed by stainless blasting to desired cosmetic finish
  • Deburring and removing machine lines prior to heat treat on bolt carriers
  • Post heat treat polishing and cleaning of bolt carriers to desired cosmetic finish


No matter your metal finishing needs, Eaglemaster has the expertise to deliver high-quality results that adhere to the highest military requirements and specifications. Ensure your components are finished correctly the first time without sacrificing fast turnaround times and fair pricing. Request a quote today or contact us to learn more.

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