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The medical device industry in Minnesota is large, and it’s only getting larger. The medical professionals using these devices rely on three things: quality, consistency, and cleanliness. Eaglemaster provides all three with vibratory deburring, blasting, and cleaning as part of our metal finishing services for medical device applications. We also provide certification upon request. For those looking for metal finishing for medical device applications in Minnesota, look no further than Minneapolis-based Eaglemaster, which has more than 30 years of experience.

At Eaglemaster, we understand the high quality and cleanliness required on every project that will be used in medicine, as well as the need for certification and documentation for each device and the finishing process. Eaglemaster is more than equipped to deliver on all the needs for your industry, whether you’re looking for deburring, blasting work, or anything in between. Some of our most common metal finishing for medical devices and applications projects include:

  • Deburring hypo tubes that are part of syringes and IVs
  • Mechanical polishing to achieve desired surface finish
  • Blasting various materials to clean and prepare for assembly

Our metal finishing services for medical devices are of the highest precision and quality to ensure all your requirements are met. Eaglemaster is your premier choice for medical application metal finishing services in Minnesota — contact us to find out more.

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