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Metal Finishing For IT Manufacturers


At Eaglemaster, we offer a variety of metal finishing for IT manufacturers in Minneapolis that are precise, consistent, and high quality. Whether you are looking for vibratory tumbling, blasting, shot peening, or mechanical polishing, our team of experts is here to take care of whatever IT component finishing your business requires. No project is too big or too small — we offer superior quality and competitive prices for all of our clients.
The experts at Eaglemaster understand the need that your customers have for precise, consistent, high-quality work. Our services cover many aspects of metal finishing that IT manufacturers require. Some of our most common projects include these services:

  • Using centrifugal force machines to remove machine lines and provide a uniform surface
  • Bead blasting machined aluminum/stainless plates to achieve desired surface finish and prepare for plating
  • Vibratory tumbling to deburr and clean components to prepare for assembly


If you’re searching for high-quality final surface finishing, preparatory work for further plating or any other kind of metal finishing services for your IT components, turn to the experts at Eaglemaster. Learn more about our services by getting in touch or request a quote to start your next finishing project. 

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