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Eaglemaster has a variety of services to ensure you receive the highest quality, most cost-effective metal finishing for agricultural equipment in Minneapolis and throughout Minnesota. Our agricultural industry mass metal finishing options include shot peening, batch blasting, and more bulk processes for all of your agricultural equipment and tools. No matter the size or scope of the project, rest assured that you’ll receive superior service at affordable prices with Eaglemaster.

We take pride in our variety of services that benefit the agriculture industry. Our high standards of quality and competitive pricing options set us apart whether you are looking for tumble blasting, vibratory deburring, or anything in between.

Methods Used for Agricultural Equipment Metal Finishing

Some of our most common metal finishing for agricultural equipment services include:

  • Bead blasting lawn mower blades after heat treatment to clean and remove scale, rust and dry surface contaminants. 
  • Vibratory tumbling Agricultural assembly components to deburr and provide edge break, smoothing surfaces of metal components using a vibratory bowl or tub.
  • Shot peening to required specifications and increase fatigue life of parts. This method increases the lifespan of agricultural parts.
  • Mechanical polishing to achieve the required surface finish, smooth and reduces friction on high-wear parts and components. This type of metal finishing for agricultural equipment leads to longer fatigue life and reduced replacement of components.


Eaglemaster has the expertise to handle all the metal finishing needs of your agricultural equipment. Contact us for any metal finishing services you require, and leverage our top-tier service, fair pricing and reliable turnaround times.

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