Mass And Precision Aerospace Metal Finishing


Many metal components in the aerospace industry require multiple processes to manufacture each part. That’s where we come in. We offer aerospace metal finishing that meets the highest quality standards and rigorous inspections to meet your project needs, from shot peening to surface preparation and more. Whether you run a machine shop or a plating shop, Eaglemaster’s aerospace metal finishing services in Minnesota are your solution to meeting the heavily regulated demands of your industry.
At Eaglemaster, our high-quality processes can handle any blasting or surface preparation work that you may need. Our equipment is properly maintained to handle all aircraft finishing services, which include shot peening, vibratory finishing, mechanical polishing or burnishing projects of any quantity. Some of our most common projects include:

  • Bead blasting seat belt buckles to provide uniform cosmetic appearance
  • Blasting steel helicopter landing gear to prepare for plating adhesion
  • Shot peening springs to increase fatigue life
  • Surface preparation work to achieve required specification and finish

Eaglemaster has the experience and capabilities to meet the high-precision demands and regulations of the aerospace industry. Contact us today or request a quote to take advantage of our unmatched attention to detail that makes us the premier choice for aircraft finishing in Minnesota.

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